Splatoon 3 ‘Drizzle Season 2023’ to add more notification options, Recon Mode

Recently, Nintendo opened the floodgates on what’s next for Splatoon 3. Kids and squids everywhere can look forward to ‘Drizzle Season 2023’ kicking off September 1st, 2023, but today brings us a few more tidbits on just what this update has to offer.

This time around, we get a look at the new Turf War stage: Crableg Capital. It’s located in the financial district, and features lots of tall skyscrapers that have been sprouting up one after the other due to redevelopment plans. Battles take place on top of one such skyscraper that’s under construction.

A key element of the stage is the wire mesh platforms: do you use them to move around the construction site, or do you focus on inking the ground below? In any case, you better not be afraid of heights…


Along with that, Drizzle Season 2023 will add no less than 80 banner designs and 400 titles, available at random via the Catalog and the Shell-Out Machine.

Drizzle Season is bringing a whole new catalog of content to Splatoon 3 Starting on Sept. 1st. All Splatoon 3 players with an active Nintendo Switch Online membership will have access to the new “Drizzle Season 2023” content, which includes weapons, stages, challenges, and more!


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