The Game Boy, GBA and DS are three of Nintendo’s most iconic hardware releases. Both portables helped raise Nintendo’s profile in a major way, and each one sold millions upon millions. Without a doubt, many a Nintendo fan remembers these platforms well and spent countless hours enjoying their content.

It’s extremely likely a massive amount of Game Boy, GBA and DS owners used those platforms to log a ton of hours in various Pokémon games throughout their lives. If you happen to be one of those Pokémon fans, you’ll probably be in awe of a hardware mod dreamed up by the talented Redditor, Tomvdcr.

Tomvdcr came up with the idea to cram together a Game Boy and DS Lite to create a real-life version of the Pokédex. He went even further by taking a GBA SP screen and slapping it on to the front for some flip action. The end result is an absolutely amazing custom mod that any Pokémon fan would be happy to have in their collect. Best of all, this mod can still play anything a regular DS can!

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