On August 31, OddFellows Ice Cream and SEGA launch the Sonic the Hedgehog Capsule, a new Capsule Collection of four limited-time ice cream flavors inspired by the adventures of Sonic and friends; Green Hills of Pandan, Tales of Marshmallow Skies, Fruity Fiery Frenemies and Strawberry Roses Forever.

These four limited edition flavors are inspired by the Fast Friends Forever - Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy Rose - and their respective journeys throughout the many zones of the Sonic Universe. With elements taken from some of the team’s favorite zones and characters, OddFellows has created four unique ice cream flavors that will have Sonic fans tasting their way through the Universe.

About the New Flavors:

Green Hills of Pandan: The OG, the classic, your first iconic foray into the wonderful world of Sonic the Hedgehog. Take a trip through this lush, green Pandan-infused coconut-based ice cream with candied sunflower seeds. Perfect for a picnic on a bright, grassy checkerboarded hill!

Tales of Marshmallow Skies: Eggman’s not getting away that easy! Thanks to your dual-tailed engineer friend Tails, we’ve got a plane to catch. Soar through skies of marshmallow (ice cream, that is) and into a sweet mountain of blue velvet cake and chocolate caramel turtles! This ice cream might be cold, but we’re coming in hot!

Fruity Fiery Frenemies: We were just flying in until something hit us… Who’s this red echidna? What’s a “Master Emerald”? Well, anyways… looks like a great place for a tropical floating island vacation! Dive into a jungle of chili mango and guava ice cream, perfect for beating the heat from the sun.

Strawberry Roses Forever: Whether you’re in the past, the future, or presently in the middle of saving a pink hedgehog from the clutches of Sonic’s metallic doppelganger, there’s no better time to enjoy this strawberry rose ice cream chock full of white chocolate morsels.

The OddFellows x Sonic the Hedgehog Capsule will be available in all OddFellows scoop shops, by the scoop and by the tub, as well as shipping nationwide via and Goldbelly.

OddFellows Scoop Shops are open in the following cities:

  • New York, NY
  • Chestnut Hill, MA
  • Tampa, FL
  • Pittsburgh, PA
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