The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood 'Accolades' Trailer

A score as high as the stars above

30 August 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Valencian, award-winning indie game alchemists Deconstructeam (The Red Strings Club) recently released The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood on Switch. Wondering what the press thought of this unique adventure? Check out the accolades trailer above to find out!

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is a thought-provoking narrative game starring Fortuna, a witch living in exile on an asteroid. Seeking freedom, Fortuna makes a dangerous pact with a forbidden creature—the mysterious and ancient Abrámar—who grants her the ability to craft magic-infused tarot cards.

As Fortuna, you can create a custom tarot deck that is completely unique to you, and the arcane elements you incorporate into your designs will give each card different characteristics and abilities to help you to determine the fate of the characters you encounter.

Using your deck you’ll dive into a complex narrative that spans decades and explores themes of identity, community, and personal responsibility. Is your coven doomed or can you save it?

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood features lavish pixel art, a bewitching soundtrack, and a branching story that, in true Deconstructeam style, will echo with the consequences of your actions.

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