A hotfix has just been released for Tribes of Midgard and you can see the patch notes for what it does below.

We have deployed a Hotfix to all platforms to address an improvement to the “Delete Save” function which will allow you to return to a World upon accidental use.

The “Delete Save” function’s purpose is to entirely clear your player slot from a World, to free that for someone else to join and is permanent. However, as you may know, we have seen multiple occurrences of its use accidentally, resulting in a “banned” message appearing.

So today, we’ve pushed a fix which will allow you to return to a World in the case of accidental use of “Delete Save”. There are two conditions which made this possible that we’d like for you to be aware of:

  • If you “Delete Save” during a game (in a World) you can re-join the World from Level 1.
  • If you “Delete Save” at the Main Menu, you can re-join the World from the Level you last Saved at.
  • If you wish to KEEP your player slot and return to a World with no issue, please instead use the “Save & Quit” button. This is the option you can use to safely leave and return to any World you’re in

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