Wingspan updated with a new online system

A fresh update takes flight

30 August 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

A new update has been released for Wingspan and it complete overhauls the game’s online interactions. You can see a complete breakdown of this update in the patch notes below.

Friendship ended with ChilliConnect, now Nakama is our best friend

Our previous online infrastructure, ChilliConnect, is now disconnected from Wingspan. We are moving to a new online system because we need a new infrastructure that will be stable and serve us and our players for years. We want online to work as well as possible and for every game to run without any problems. Online games that were active or saved before the new online update are now unavailable. To play online games again you need to get the update.

Resetting the Karma

The introduction of the new online gives all players a chance for a fresh start. Each player’s karma points will be restored to the base value.

Two Weeks of Double Karma

Enjoy double karma points for your completed games for the next two weeks.

  • Online service transferred to the new provider;
  • Online games from before the update are no longer available;
  • User accounts are transferred to the new servers;
  • Karma points are reset to the default value;
  • Custom online games no longer have a timer;
  • Finished online games can now be deleted from the online menu without entering them.
  • Minor online fixes.

Known issue:

Error 401 may appear – returning to the main menu and entering online again fixes the issue.


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