Recently, Nintendo opened the floodgates on what’s next for Splatoon 3. Kids and squids everywhere can look forward to ‘Drizzle Season 2023’ kicking off September 1st, 2023, but today brings us a few more tidbits on just what this update has to offer.

This time around, we get a look at the new Turf War stage: Shipshape Cargo Co.. Shipshape Cargo Co. operates this vessel on far-ranging oceanic routes and surprisingly allows Turf War battles along the way!

Along with that, Drizzle Season 2023 will add a slew of new locker decorations (over 300!), including a kimono and new stickers. Finally, new Tableturf Battle cards are also going to be included.

Drizzle Season is bringing a whole new catalog of content to Splatoon 3 Starting on Sept. 1st. All Splatoon 3 players with an active Nintendo Switch Online membership will have access to the new “Drizzle Season 2023” content, which includes weapons, stages, challenges, and more!


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