Today, from developer Chanko Studios and publisher AMC Games, It’s A Wrap! launches on the Nintendo Switch™ system with touch-screen enhancements. Take control of lead actor Johnny Rush and his Director as they puzzle their way through action scenes by manipulating props, practical effects, and the supporting cast. The 80’s-cinema inspired innovative puzzle-platformer is available today on Nintendo Switch for $17.99 USD.

Direct and star in 80s-inspired action flicks, navigating 2D movie sets! Decide when to trigger practical effects and supporting cast members to get the scene juuuust right, then move onto the next act of your film career! Manipulate the timeline, call “ACTION!” and navigate the scene in real time as the set comes alive.


  • Touch controls allow for direct interaction with an innovative timeline mechanic.
  • 3 story campaigns, depicted as movies in the adventure, scifi, and action genres.
  • Multiple hint systems empower players to tune their own desired difficulty.
  • Avalanches, lava flows, cursed idols, car chases, and space battles abound!

It’s a Wrap! is available today from the Nintendo eShop. Players can test out their filmmaking skills by playing the action-packed demo available on all of the above platforms.

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