Norn9: Last Era, the highly anticipated fan disk follow up to Norn9: Var Commons, is available now for the first time in the west on Nintendo Switch™. Each first run copy of the game includes an exclusive set of twelve full-color character cards, and North American customers who order from the Aksys Online Store can also receive a 1.25” metal pin of the Norn9 insignia, while supplies last.

Norn9: Last Era is also available in a Limited Edition which includes a full color artbook, a 25” x 15” cloth poster, a set of 11 vinyl Hiyoko stickers, and an acrylic keychain featuring the chibi artwork as shown in the Fantasia section of the game.

Norn9: Last Era is packed with tons of content, with all-new adventures and in-depth character information to explore. Delve in to discover more about those living on the ship and how they came to be there, including details about their lives and growing up. The Norn9: Last Era fan disk is divided into four different sections:

  • Prelude - the backstories of how everyone came to be on the ship
  • Fugue - the original game digest from a new point of view
  • Concerto - the after story
  • Fantasia - the special bonus in which everyone becomes a chibi! In order to return to actual size you will have to complete a special mission!

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