Paleo Pines, the dino-rancher, is launching Sept. 26th, 2023, and a new trailer has been shared today. This trailer showcases Paleo Pines’ adorable cast of dinos and the ranch you’ll be housing your new friends in as you work to build a homestead from scratch. Farming is a lot more fun with a crew of dinosaur helpers at your side.

Recently nominated for Most Anticipated Game in the Indie Cup Awards, Paleo Pines offers a wonderfully quirky world filled with dinosaurs and welcoming townsfolk. But for all its wonders, the island of Paleo Pines has just as many secrets. It’s up to you and your companion, a delightful Parasaurolophus named Lucky, to uncover the mysteries of Paleo Pines while creating the most fruitful home you can. And the best part - you can befriend all the dinos you can find along the way.

With your trusty dino friends by your side, you’ll meet townspeople and enlist their help in fixing up your ranch and growing crops. With in-depth character customization and a broad selection of styles, you can turn your plot of land into the dino ranch of your dreams, and with customization options you can dress it, and yourself, in the style of your choosing.

Taming dinos is the name of the game in Paleo Pines - tasty treats, nose boops and comfy pens will aid you in your quest to fill your dino haven with a variety of creatures. You’ll keep track of them, learn to identify their dislikes, and note their favorite habits with a handy dino journal. Paleo Pines also provides an abundant wilderness to explore - from flowery fields to high canyons, you can make the most out of each day exploring enchanting landscapes and witnessing dinos in lush wildlands.

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