Super Mario Bros. Wonder has been the talk of the internet today, as Nintendo shared a special 15+ minute Direct that was jam-packed with gameplay. Not only did we get a great look at the game in action, we also saw all kinds of new enemies, levels, power-ups and more.

Is that still not enough Mario content for you? Well you’re in luck, as a slew of videos have released that give you an even better idea of how Mario’s next adventure is shaping up. Not only do we get even more gameplay, but there’s some hands-on impressions as well. If this content doesn’t get you pumped for Super Mario Bros. Wonder, nothing will!

Last but not least, we also have a full tour of the Super Mario Bros. Wonder website. This is mostly a recap of the content and features discussed in today’s Direct, but it’s still nice to get a better look at all the magic Mario’s latest outing is bringing with it.

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