Fae Farm 'Farm to Fable: Artists' promo video

It's not all about farming, you know

31 August 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Are you an artist without a canvas? A dream of colour and imaginations awaits your creative touch! Create your own character and customise your adventure with unlockable styles and decorations for your farm. Cosiness makes the world go round, and the more ‘Cozy’ items you place in your home, the better your stats improve.The story unfolds separately from the in-game calendar, so dazzle with your style and play as you wish.

Escape to the fairytale life of your dreams in Fae Farm, a farm-sim RPG for 1-4 players. With up to three friends, craft, cultivate and decorate to grow your shared homestead – and use spells to explore the enchanted island of Azoria! You’ll forge new bonds with residents, discover fae magic and trek across mysterious realms. And as the seasons change, you’ll use all you’ve learned and discovered together to restore the world around you.

Fae Farm arrives on Switch Sept. 8th, 2023.

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