A quick look at any footage or screens of Super Mario Bros. Wonder make it abundantly clear that Nintendo has come up with a whole host of fresh feature and ideas for the game. It turns out that stems directly from the very early days of the game’s development.

In an interview with IGN, Super Mario Bros. Wonder director Shiro Mouri opened up on how this latest Mario installment got off the ground. According to Mouri, things really started to take shape when discussion of two core concepts came up.

Mouri went on to say that freedom to choose, along with secrets/mysteries are what paved the way for what you see in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Not only did this approach birth all sorts of new playstyles and mechanics, it also hearkened back to the early days of Mario as well. The team felt that the original Super Mario Bros. played with the ideas of freedom and secrets, and it was time for Mario to revisit those ideas in order to take the experience to a whole new level.


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9M ago

So I just watched the Direct and first impressions was "it's a 2D Mario game with a new coat of paint and new enemies with some new bells and whistles" and taht is really what it is. But by the end it it truly looked like some good fun. Like the Wonder (LSD) madness and it's surprise element. And they did add a lot off gameplay stuff indeed. Also looks great.

Bummer that the different characters all play the same apart from Yoshis and ... Taht bandit thingy. And why not add online co-op is just baffling.


9M ago

They have his Super Mario World crouch back! Oh, that makes me happy.


9M ago

Freedom and secrets!
My two favorite things!