Nintendo is known as a company that puts gameplay first with all of their titles, and it’s in the name of making players smile. Super Mario Bros. Wonder is no different, and Nintendo’s team went above in beyond in making sure those who picked up the controller could have a really fun time first and foremost.

In an interview with IGN, director Shiro Mouri opened up about the experience the team wanted players to have when jumping into Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Whether it was singleplayer, local multiplayer or online, Nintendo wanted to remove any potential areas of stress.

Mouri says that one place you can see this stress-free approach is in getting rid of player collision. Previous multiplayer Mario games made it so that you would bump into/off of other player characters, and it could cause quite a jump. In Super Mario Bros. Wonder, you can run alongside and through your fellow players with ease.

You can also see this stress-free design philosophy in the game’s online play, as Mouri has described the mode as a ‘casual connection’ to other players. You can play along with random people or friends online, but again, you can move at your own pace and not worry about bumping into your pals and causing chaos. This element is taken further by online players being able to share messages, offer up helpful items, and even warn others of dangers ahead.


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the utility man

10M ago

Not a fan of this at all honestly. At least let us have the option to have collision on or off.


10M ago

Myself, my partner, and every single friend I played the games with majorly disliked any collision in the Mario games so much we quit playing. This is an extremely welcome change. I hope they got rid of the pause when dying too as that ruins jump timing.