Ahead of its scheduled release, details about the upcoming Pokémon Scarlet & Violet DLC have surfaced online.

The DLC in question is “The Teal Mask,” which is the first part of “The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero,” and set to launch on September 13. Images showcasing new Pokémon and Pokémon forms from this DLC began circulating on social media on Thursday. Stay away from the likes of Twitter and Reddit if you want to avoid spoilers!

These leaks, primarily aggregated under the Centro Leaks account, reveal new Pokémon, along with information about new abilities and in-game locations. Although Polygon couldn’t independently verify the overall authenticity of these leaks, the images displayed content consistent with expectations for the DLC.

This joins the vast history of Pokémon leaks, which is why it’s hard to be surprised at this happening. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t or don’t want to be surprised. For that reason, we won’t be showcasing the images directly in this article, but feel free to look for them if you can’t contain your curiosity.

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