One of the biggest features and most noteworthy ones in Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the addition of Talking Flowers! These little flowers will talk to you as you get close and chime in with a funny comment or help you by giving you tips. While quite charming, some fans may have thought that hearing the flowers talking non-stop could get tedious over time.

Turns out, you can actually disable their voices entirely or partially by only showing the text on screen. While some fans will want to hear everything they have to say, it’s nice to have the option for those that may find it a bit jarring or for those that maybe plan to speedrun the game and would have to hear the same lines over and over.

Options are never bad! But what do you say? Will you be keeping them on during your entire playthrough? Let us know below!

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9M ago

So the text can be turned off too? Sweet!


9M ago

Thank GOD. I was ready to play the game on mute.


9M ago

The voice acting of the flowers was already underwhelming me in the trailers. This is good news.


9M ago

Yeees. I found it so jarring.