Indie game developer Mens Sana Interactive announces that Ralph and the Blue Ball, a short hidden objects game in pixel-art, already released on Steam, is coming to Nintendo Switch today. It is a charming hidden object short game based on a true story.

The game was developed by Saulo Rosart, founder of Cozy Village studio, as a tribute to his beloved dog Ralph. He dreamed of creating a game dedicated to Ralph, and finally the dream came true in 2022, when the game was released on Steam. The developer is grateful for his friend artist Felipe Delbue for capturing Ralph’s essence flawlessly through pixel art. He also emphasizes the support from his wife Roberta Brandão for providing great photos from Ralph and for testing the game.

The game consists in finding the dog’s toys, including his beloved blue ball, hidden in 8 different scenarios, in a relaxing soundtrack.

The porting to Nintendo Switch was performed by Mens Sana Interactive, in its first partnership to port and publish a game created by another developer. The studio started to port and publish their own games on Nintendo Switch this year. Sergio Ueta, CEO of Mens Sana Interactive, says they plan to, over time, support other fellow indie developers to bring selected games to consoles, when they have sinergy to their own portfolio of relaxing games. The porting included not only the technical adaptation to the Nintendo Switch controllers, but also offering a pleasant experience in the console, including features as zooming the camera in and out (due to the smaller screen in portable mode), moving the camera, additional feedback to the player when finding the objects and completing the level.

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