Omega Strikers 'September 1st micropatch' now live

Strike while the Iron is hot!

01 September 2023
by jmaldonado 0

The Omega Strikers Twitter/X account has shared details for the upcoming micropatch which is now live.

It seems the focus of this patch was to nerf Kazan and buff Finii, you can read the full details below.


The Slip (Closed Secondary)

  • Cooldown 10->11

Crooked Leverage (Closed Primary)

  • Cooldown 10->11
  • Damage 170->140 (0.85->0.7 Power)
  • Knockback unchangd

(Open) Secondary + Special

  • Damage + Knockback 200->180 (1->0.9x Power)
  • Core hits 1380->1340 (2->1.8x Power)
  • Cooldown: 13->15

Stagger grow tier: 500->375


Misdirection (Primary):

  • Projectile is now like 15% bigger and a little faster

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