Take a tour of Super Mario Bros. Wonder's menus

Here comes the choice paralysis

03 September 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the main focus of Nintendo Live 2023, as it’ll be Nintendo’s big game this holiday season. Those at the show can go hands-on with Mario’s latest 2D affair, and it turns out Nintendo has thrown in a considerable amount of options for players to mess around with.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder offers elements and gameplay features we haven’t seen in a Mario game before, such as collectible badges that change gameplay, ‘Standees’ for online gameplay, and much more. Turns out the game also offers menus dedicated to these components, and the video above gives you a deep dive on what they offer.

There’s also a littany of more traditional options for players to adjust as well, including motion controls, intensity of the HD Rumble and its accompanying sounds, the button inputs for ground pounds, and plenty of other things to tweak. With all these adjustments available, players should have more than enough options to create an experience that works well for them.

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the utility man

9M ago

How about giving us the option to turn player collision back on. I don't really want the game without that.