Those who played Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean and Baten Kaitos Origins will remember both games having English voice acting. If you remember that voice work fondly and are looking forward to the remasters, we have some bad news for you. Baten Kaitos I & II HD Remaster will not include an English voiceover.

Wondering why Baten Kaitos I & II HD Remaster will skip over the English dubs from the original titles? Producer Koji Nakajima explained why in an interview with Nintendo Everything.

“In developing the remastered version, we tried to make adjustments on some of the expressions to match the current era. That’s why we made the difficult decision not to use English VOs for this remastered version, due to the discrepancies that will happen.”

[Producer Koji Nakajima]

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9M ago

Sounds like utter BS and I immediately canceled my preorder. Wouldn't have hurt anybody to just keep the English VOs in the game.
Discrepencies? Let the players decide for themselves if they still like it or not.


9M ago


Yup, I hadn't it preordered yet but this also killed anny interest for me. What's wrong with giving the player the choise?

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9M ago

I'm guessing the actual reason is including the English VO would incur additional costs, probably their contract for that VO is already expired and they'd need to pay more money to use it for the remaster or something.

Kalas shouting "is that all you got!? Is that all you got!?,"and then immediately being hit one more causing him to go "Aughhh..." as he's KO'd is probably the thing I remember most about this game.


9M ago

Why not do both? I grew up playing this game on the game cube. I enjoy the English version a lot cause it had made me laugh and it had made me cry through the journeys of playing it. Even if they don't add the English voices I'll still play the game for fun, but for the fans that played this game too is only the start of the disappointment. BOTH the Japanese and English should be added on the game as a choice for players who love this game.