There’s a good chance you’re still working your way through Sea of Stars, as it just launched less than a week ago. Hopefully you’re having a great time, but there will come a moment when the credits role and the game wraps. Thankfully, Sabotage Studio is working on DLC for Sea of Stars, an they recent shared a few more details.

While we don’t have a release date or price for the DLC, we do know that Sabotage Studio has a smaller internal team working on the expansion right now. According to the studio, this DLC will be a fully-fledged side adventure that’s set to expand on the Sea of Stars world. Even better, it’s going to provide more insight on the narrative that’s not only in Sea of Stars, but woven throughout all of Sabotage Studios’ titles.

Sea of Stars is actually Sabotage Studios’ second game, with the first being The Messenger. Fans of the company have known for awhile that the two games are connected in various ways, but specifics on that are yet to be shared. In Sea of Stars’ “Throes of the Watchmaker” DLC, it’s now clear we’ll be getting a considerable amount of detail into how the games are related.

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