Ubisoft’s output of games in recent decades is much different from where they started, and that shift is felt in a big way by Rayman fans. We used to live in an era where new Rayman games were pretty common, but now it’s not often we see the limbless hero grace our gaming platforms.

Rayman’s most recent appearance actually happened just a few days back, as he is the focus in the “Rayman in the Phantom Show” DLC for Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope. Of course, with the arrival of new Rayman content comes discussion about the character itself, with fans hoping to see more of the character going forward.

Someone else who wants to see more Rayman is Mario + Rabbids creative director Davide Soliani. He had his dream come true by tying up with Nintendo to work on a Mario spin-off, and then yet another dream came to fruition with the introduction of Rayman into that series. Does this mean we can hope to see Rayman pop up in some other Nintendo titles? Nintendo isn’t saying, but Soliani certainly has some thoughts.

Of course I would like to see Rayman in Smash Bros.. Of course. And why not Rayman in Mario Kart? But you need to convince Nintendo, not me.

[Davide Soliani]
Thanks to Riley for the heads up!

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10M ago

Sure Rayman would be good fun in Smash (if not as a full fighter, then an Assist Trophy at least), but Nintendo has no interest in starting a Smash Kart where Nintendo characters race each other unlike in Smash Bros. where Nintendo characters fight each other.

Nintendo might allow guest characters for Mario Kart, but chances are it's only going to be limited to select non-Mario characters who are Nintendo characters.


10M ago


The only way for Mario Kart to evolve is to become 'Smash Kart' so I wouldn't rule it out that they go that way.


10M ago

Nintendo could probably add Rayman to Smash in their next gen Connsle. But likely not because people needs to vote on which charater and nintendo needs to make an agreement with the other componey who owns that charater. But for Mario Kart 8 they posdibly could but most likely not. Because they have 1 charater slot left and is propably going to be a nintendo charater. But maybe they could also do it for their next gen consle too. We better start praying if its going to happend because this legend needs to return in a big hit.


9M ago


They could have interest in that, we don't know. Unless you're someone's uncle that works at Nintendo 🤣