Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is very much influenced by Jet Grind/Set Radio, which means graffiti and skating are at the core of the game. That said, the game also offers some of its own unique wrinkles as well, and one such feature was developed in secret.

In an interview with Games Industry, Team Reptile founder Dion Koster revealed that Bomb Rush Cyberfunk’s BMX gameplay wasn’t planned from the start, and actually came together in secret. Two team members decided to pair for a BMX experiment, and it panned out so well that biking was included in the final release.

“[Back] when the game did not have any skating or BMX yet, our technical animator Niels Schaap said to me one Friday, ‘How about we secretly work through the weekend and add a BMX to the game?’ We had entertained the thought before, but always with an unserious tone of how interesting it would be. I liked the challenge, so I joined him and surprised the rest of the team with it on Monday. At that point, the floodgates had opened, and we were adding skateboarding and inline skates not long after.”

[Dion Koster, Team Reptile]

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