Backbone gets a name change to Tails Noir

We've got a bone to pick with Tails Noir

05 September 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Backbone, the post-noir narrative adventure, released on Switch back in February 2022. While the developer behind that game has since released a prelude on Steam, it appears the franchise itself has undergone an update as well, and we have no idea why.

It appears that sometime recently, the Backbone name is being removed completely. In order to find the game now, you’ll have to search the new name of Tails Noir. Again, that name change goes for the Steam-released sequel, Tails Noir Preludes.

We scrubbed the social media accounts for Tails Noir developer Eggnut for information on the name change, but we’ve come up empty. We’ve since reached out to the company for an explanation, so hopefully we can get some insight in the near future.

Thanks to Deux Michaels for the heads up!

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