To celebrate the release of Blasphemous 2, developers at The Game Kitchen, in collaboration with Team17, have produced 11 episodes full of behind-the-curtains footage about the development of this sequel. In this second episode, Enrique Cabeza (Creative Director) and Enrique Colinet (Lead Level Designer) guide us through the streets of Seville to show us some of the most iconic locations and elements that served as an inspiration for Blasphemous.

The second scripture in the Blasphemous series portends the return of The Penitent One, with a story that continues from the free Wounds of Eventide DLC for the original game, where The Heart in the sky heralded the return of The Miracle and foretold the birth of a new miracle child.

Awakened in a strange new land, and displaced from his final resting place, The Penitent One is thrust back into the endless cycle of life, death, and resurrection, with no other option than to explore this perilous new world and uncover its long-forgotten secrets.

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