Dead by Daylight 'Alien' map trailer

Might want to stay out of the vents

06 September 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

The legendary Alien franchise is now available in Dead by Daylight, pushing the boundaries of sci-fi horror to the depths of space. Available now, players can stalk Survivors as the Xenomorph or survive as Ellen Ripley, the ultimate hero. Players will also get to explore a reinterpretation of the iconic ship from Ridley Scott’s classic film in the new Map: Nostromo Wreckage.

The Nostromo Wreckage is The Entity’s twisted recreation of the interstellar cargo ship from Ripley’s memories - a grim and hopeless place where its labyrinthine decks become a deathly nightmare.

The Nostromo Wreckage also introduces a new exclusive feature: Steam Pipes. Whoever runs past a Steam Pipe will activate a short jet of steam. The steam can hit either Killer or Survivor, slowing them down for a few seconds. Survivors can interact with the Steam Pipe Panels to reset the pipe, allowing it to be used again.

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