Orange you excited for Halloween? If you’re not yet, you certainly will be after checking out the treats the Pokémon Center’s dishing up in anticipation of the spookiest night of the year. Jump scares—or rather the film genre that inspired them—take center stage this year with the Cinema Scares line. The Haunted Pokémon Village is back and better than ever. And you can dress to impress—and intimidate—with the Marvelous Misfits collection.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect from the Pokémon Center’s 2023 Halloween boo-tique:

The Haunted Pokémon Village is a Halloween classic that just keeps getting better. With four creepily cute figures to add to your collection, there’s no end to the spook-tacular antics. If you look closely at the Roserade Spooky Cinema, you might think you’re experiencing deja-boo, as some of the artwork from the posters is also available in the Cinema Scares collection. Rotom, Dedenne, Yamper, and their friends are having an electrifyingly good time at the Rotom Power Plant. Judging by Pikachu’s dazed expression, the Mr. Mime Fun House might have overdelivered on the fun. And the Lycanroc Howling Hill will inspire you to head outside to bay at the next full moon.

Horror movies are a cornerstone of Halloween. And the Cinema Scares line pays homage to the classic experience of watching a scary movie on a dark and stormy night. A flash of lightning, and Trevenant appears, lumbering toward you menacingly, claw outstretched! Bring home six original art pieces inspired by a classic pulp horror movie aesthetic and starring Trevenant, Muk, Lycanroc, Mismagius, Dusclops, and Haunter. Share the scares by bringing home this original artwork as posters, giant pins, metal wall art, short sleeve T-shirts, or pullover sweatshirts. You can even pick up the entire poster set so you won’t have to choose between Lycanroc’s eerie “Howl” and Muk’s toxic “Venom Drench.”

If you’re a fan of feeling comfortable while looking tough, you might just be one of the Pokémon Center’s Marvelous Misfits. Halloween’s the hottest holiday of them all, and you’ll want to look the part. Cozy knit sweaters featuring Snorlax, Umbreon, Muk, and more are perfect for watching some of those movies that inspired the Cinema Scares line. Look gourd-geous as you visit your favorite pumpkin patch wearing cool flannel shirts with Pokémon sporting some serious ‘tude. And you can stay warm on cool autumnal nights in our punk-inspired denim jackets.

No one wants to watch scary movies alone. Never fear, these plush have your back, boo. Fuecoco, Gengar, Greavard, and Pikachu all appear to be going trick-or-treating, and their costume choices say a lot about their personalities. Fuecoco, who is known for being food motivated (no judgment—candy is essential to Halloween) is wearing a taco costume. Gengar also appears to have gone with a food theme, serving up a chef costume. Meanwhile, Pikachu and Greavard both went with a seasonal classic and appear to be having a gourd time dressed as pumpkins.

Transforming your haunted house into a haunted home takes effort, and the Pokémon Center is with you every step of the way. You’re going to need light to showcase all your spooky swag, and the Pumpkin Snorlax ceramic tea light holder delivers just the right amount. We all know that ghouls just want to have fun, so if you happen to find yourself entertaining a ghostly gathering, our themed plates, cups, serving bowls, and tablecloths will certainly come in handy. And you can share your passion for Pokémon and Halloween with the whole neighborhood with eerie-sistible garden statues featuring Munchlax, Pichu, and Spinda.

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