An update is available for Flame Keeper. You can find the patch notes for this update below.


  • Added 6 multi-level perks (3 levels each) and 17 single-level perks
  • Players can select a random perk after each lamp charge
  • Perks window displays after lamp charged
  • Active perk icons are visible under HP bar


  • Added 9 new weapons dropping from totems and some enemies
  • Three groups of weapons, each with its own effect on the last combo hit
  • Each weapon type overrides basic melee attack and changes speed, damage, and range
  • The forge building in the village can be upgraded to unlock new weapon drops
  • Added weapon throwing (hold strong attack button)


  • Enemies now respawn after the player gains a perk
  • Modified and wrapped the stamina bar around Ignis for better visibility
  • Added two additional difficulty levels
  • Made small translation tweaks
  • Added widescreen support
  • Added the ability to run the game in the background
  • Improved dropped item visibility
  • Improved opened totems FX (old ones were too intense and blocked visibility)
  • Decreased the intro volume
  • Fixed various bugs, including Vulpis dropping less energy than collected, desynchronized platforms preventing walking through wind zone, and missing textures on some assets

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