We’re on the scene in Hidden Forest today with a group of Spirits getting ready for Sky’s next event, Days of Sunlight. Preparations are underway before it begins on September 11th to welcome Sky children for a relaxing break under the trees and next to the water.

Everything was decked out to unwind along the water—beach chairs, decorations, and new beach space for the globes that washed up to give Light to anyone nearby with a candle. Light fishing poles stood along the water’s edge. The crew had even installed both a small and a large waterslide (which the butterflies were also eager to help show us).

Several Season of Assembly Spirits sat near the shore. Some stretched out to take in the afternoon, but a couple carefully practiced their instruments. “We’re putting in extra rehearsals before the Sky kids come play these songs with us,” one explained. “But there’s still a passage I can’t quite get. Ugh I always get nervous when someone’s watching.”

Another appeared to be waiting patiently by the water. “Baby jellyfish!” Asked to elaborate, they explained: “This is the time of year the baby jellyfish come out! They should emerge any day now. Hopefully they aren’t, like, stuck somewhere, that would be awful. I wouldn’t even be able to swim out to help them!”

Baffled Botanist and Chuckling Scout pointed out blue objects floating around the area. “Those floating popsicles? Those are the event currency. Everyone can get up to six every day: We’ve placed four around here, and then people can get a couple more from trying out activities—like finding the baby jellyfish, the diving and waterslide stuff, or playing music with us.”

“And also playing tag with me, I love that game so much,” Chuckling Scout added. “The rest of this group have given up on trying to catch me, so I hope the Sky kids are ready for a good run.”

The Sunlight Guide caught us taking extra turns on the waterslide and offered towels. “I’m getting a big stack of these ready—yellow, pink, blue, super fluffy, each one has a different pattern. There’s bound to be at least one they’ll like, right?”

  • Sunlight Pink Beach Towel Cape: 22 event currency
  • Sunlight Yellow Beach Towel Cape: 25 event currency
  • Sunlight Blue Beach Towel Cape: 31 event currency

“I have the tent and hat from other years too, for Candles. But hey, let them know that anyone who comes can totally borrow my surfboard over there, yeah? Man I could spend hours on that thing. Just gotta practice and you’ll get the hang of it, you can really work up some speed.” They seemed a bit relieved when we assured them Sky kids would be able to get their own surfboard from the in-game shop if they wanted.

  • Sunlight Surfboard: $14.99 (in-game shop)

We wrapped up our tour with a familiar face. The Lazy Days Guide from last year waved us over, a couple of towels hung next to them to dry out. “I don’t have those new Sunlight sandals with the sound effects,” they started, “But in case anyone was waiting to purchase cozy summertime items from other years, tell them they can come talk to me about it!”

  • Sunlight Chunky Sandals: $9.99 (in-game shop)

Days of Sunlight runs from 00:00 Monday September 11th through 23:59 Sunday September 24th, to everyone who’s progressed through at least Hidden Forest. Come and hang out with some Spirits, play with the jellyfish, take it easy by the water, or simply gather Light and say hi to Grandma as you pass by—we’ll see you soon in the Elevated Clearing!

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