Goonya Monster has been updated to Version 2.3.0 on Nintendo Switch. You can see the full patch notes for this update below.

◆ New features

  • Added “GO ON YA WAY/Alice” to the BGM settings.

-By selecting “GO ON YA WAY/Alice” from Options > Sound Settings > BGM Settings, it will be played randomly from the selected BGMs.

◆ Gameplay Rebalance

【Battle Balance】


  • Adjusted the “power” of “Soul Healer” slightly higher.
  • Adjusted the “healing power” of “Soul Healer” slightly higher.


  • Set a cooldown time for message usage.
  • When the “Punch” hits the Buster, if the damage exceeds the remaining HP of the Buster, it has been changed to “Predation”.
  • Changed the activation count of “Minotaur’s” “Rush Attack” from 3 times to 1 time.
  • Reduced the homing range of “Minotaur’s” “Rush Attack”.
  • Shortened the “cooldown” of the “Minotaur’s” skill.

◆ System

  • Adjusted to decrease the rating reduction value.
  • Increased the number of “Soul Gems” obtained from the Soul Gacha. ※There are no changes to the probabilities.
  • Changed to be able to skip the episode ending event.
  • Added a page about the area where damage occurs around the Soul Pot in the “How to Play” section.

◆ Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the trophy “First Bite” could not be acquired.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.

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