Due to the growing anticipation for the upcoming Bubble Ghost Remake Demo, publisher SelectaPlay and developer VIDIBOND Games are thrilled to reveal that the renowned illustrator Ken Niimura, acclaimed for his unique artistic style, has joined forces with the game’s art team to craft the new exquisite key artwork for the game.

While Ken Niimura’s collaboration adds a touch of artistic brilliance to Bubble Ghost Remake, the spotlight remains firmly on the game itself. This delightful title promises to breathe new life into the beloved classic, offering players an immersive and visually captivating experience. As the Demo for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam approaches, gamers can look forward to embarking on a nostalgic yet refreshingly modern journey through the haunted mansion, guided by the adorable little ghost and its bubble.


It’s important to note that Ken Niimura’s impressive body of work, which includes collaborations with global giants like Amazon, Google, and Marvel Comics, is a testament to his artistic prowess. However, in the context of Bubble Ghost Remake, it’s the game’s charm and engaging gameplay that takes centre stage. Stay tuned for more updates, as Bubble Ghost Remake prepares to enchant players with its unique blend of art and gaming.

More news on the public demos for Bubble Ghost Remake for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam will be announced soon, but attendees of the Indie Dev Day 2023 in Barcelona from 8th - 10th September will be the first to get some hands-on with the eagerly awaited demo.

Bubble Ghost Remake will be launching for PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch in 2024. Fans can Wishlist the game on Steam now, and soon for Nintendo Switch.

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