RedDeer.Games, a publisher and developer, specializing in Nintendo Switch productions, has announced a new in-house point-and-click adventure – Freaky Trip. Comical, puzzle-filled journey will be available in October on Nintendo Switch for all lovers of extraordinary adventure.

Freaky Trip is a humorous point-and-click game filled with puzzles and challenges waiting for the player to solve. It won’t be easy because most of them, although not necessarily complicated, may not be entirely logical. Any item found in a level can be the one that will be useful in solving the riddle!

In order to help true friends we are able to do anything. This will be the case here too. As the lovable creature Salcy, embark on a Freaky Trip into an unknown, but at the same time typical world to find his lost friend cockapoo.

In Freaky Trip, players will find themselves in the middle of a surreal, cheerful world, full of unique, but not necessarily real animals. The game’s hand-drawn graphics, are maintained in a cartoonish, colorful style, unique in each of the 14 levels, and vigorous, exciting music which will accompany players throughout the crazy journey.

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