Yet another massive wave of information has come in for Ys X: Nordics. Today, we get to learn about Time Attack and Boss Rush modes, boss characters, and Recapture Battle Skills. You can read all those details below (h/t Gematsu), and you can also see a massive gallery of screens and art here.

■ Time Attack / Boss Rush Mode

After you clear the main story of Ys X: Nordics, you will be able to play “Time Attack” from the title screen menu. In Time Attack, you can fight against each boss character that appears in the main story, as well as challenge a “Boss Rush” in which you fight every boss one after another.

Set Your Accessories, Mana Seeds, and Skills, and Aim for the Fastest Time!

In Time Attack Mode, you can change Adol and Karja’s equipped accessories, Mana Seeds on the Release Line, and Solo Mode / Combination Mode skills prior to the start of each boss battle.

Adol and Karja’s performance will change significantly based on accessory performance, skill settings, and equipping Mana Seeds on a Time Attack-dedicated Release Line, so it is possible to significantly improve your clear time depending on your settings.

■ Boss Characters

The Strong-Armed Immortal Beast: Amdobizer

A ferocious beast-type Grieger that appeared in Obelia Bay. It crazily attacks its prey with its huge jaw, developed forearms, and whip-like tail. Its hard-armored forearms have high defense power, so be careful when confronting it head-on.

The Brutal Strongbody: Iji

A giant Grieger who relentlessly pursues Adol and Karja under Yolds’ command. While it does not seem to possess the intelligence of Yolds and the others, it does possess tremendous strength and can unleash a wide range of attacks at full force. Its physical strength is in a league of its own, and is difficult to defeat even with Adol and Karja’s mana.

The Infinitely Gluttonous Worm: Magna Deega

A giant creature covered in a hard shell who inhabits a certain region of Obelia Bay. It eats up all sorts of garbage such as the debris and timber scattered around the area and uses it as a means of attack, as well as crushes and mows down its opponent with its huge body to inflict fatal wounds. Since it forces you to fight on bowl-shaped terrain, utilizing your Mana Ride is essential to victory.

The Black-Hearted Demon Bird: Orcupete

An eerie bird-like Grieger who attacks its prey from the fog. Its feminine screech confuses the listener, and its song is said to curse its opponent. The three creatures cooperate to unleash high-speed attacks from the skies, so it is necessary to fight while switching between automatic evasion in Solo Mode and guard in Combination Mode.

The Cunning Cnida Beast: Blob Julion

A parasite-like Greiger who looks like a jellyfish. It tries to finish off its prey after weakening them with poison and paralysis attacks. While it is not very agile itself, its behavioral patterns are difficult to decipher as it sometimes split into countless smaller Greigers that cause chaos for its opponent.

■ Recapture Battle Skills

During the naval battle portion (the first half) of “Recapture Battles,” crew members aboard your vessel Sandras can activate various support skills known as “Recapture Battle Skills.” Skill performance varies according to the traits of each character, but some characters’ skill performance will enhance as the story develops…

Dogi: Fleet Destroyer

  • Deals break damage to all enemies.

Hugill: Rousing Neigh

  • Increases tension level in battle by 1 level.

Phylleia: Matchless Inspiration

  • Significantly reduces damage dealt to the Sandras for 30 seconds.

Ezer: Selfless Devotion

  • Increases the power of EX armaments for 40 seconds.

Flair: Doctor’s Approach

  • Reduces the defense of enemy ships for 40 seconds, as well as durability.

Momina: Material Replenish

  • Increases the recovery speed of EX armaments for 30 seconds (can be stacked).

Joel: First Aid

  • Gradually recovers the Sandras’ HP for 40 seconds (can be stacked).

Romes: Inventory Unlock

  • For 30 seconds, your shot ammo will not decrease even if special shots are fired.

Ashley: Stay Back!

  • Reduces the mobility of all enemy ships for 10 seconds (can be stacked).

Gulliver: Spirit of the Vigilantes

  • Increases break damage for 30 seconds (can be stacked).

(Leader of the vigilantes responsible for maintaining order in Karnack. He is doing everything he can to protect the town while caught in the Balta Navy’s bind.)

Sash: Pride of the Lighthouse Keeper

  • Reduces barrier pillar defense for 40 seconds.

(The daughter of the lighthouse keeper at Obelia Bay. She is a fearless girl with a strong heart and full of curiosity.)

Milette: Cold Gaze

  • Reduces the attack power of all enemy ships for 40 seconds.

(A beautiful woman who happens to visit Karnack. You can feel a sense of grace from her words and demeanor.)

Handcuffed Mandy: Curse of the Crime

  • Reduces the mobility of all enemy ships for 30 seconds (can be stacked).

(A skinny man with handcuffs and shackles. He seems to be a prisoner who escaped from somewhere, but his background remains a mystery.)

Guila: Doomed Invitation

  • Reduces the HP of enemy ships to 1 (for one to six ships).

(A mysterious fortune teller whose entire body is covered in a thick cloth. She is unfazed by anything and philosophical. It is said that her fortunes are always accurate and never wrong.)

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