Apple’s iPadOS 17 has introduced a new feature that has surprised users: support for UVC (USB Video Class) devices. This new addition allows iPads to recognize and utilize external webcams, cameras, and various other devices connected via USB-C. Initially perceived as an unexciting addition which turned into a source of creativity.

One particularly intriguing experiment involved using a Game Boy Camera as an iPad Pro’s webcam for FaceTime calls. Federico Viticci, the author and creator of this experiment, delved into testing iPadOS 17, and discovered that UVC support opened doors to unconventional uses.

For users who employ an iPad Pro at a desk with an Apple Studio Display, iPadOS 17’s support for the Studio Display’s built-in webcam was a welcome addition. This allowed for the use of the Studio Display’s webcam for FaceTime calls and selfies without any additional configuration. This enhancement was especially convenient for those using the iPad Pro in a closed-lid “clamshell” mode with the Magic Keyboard.

Among some of the experiments carried out by the author, one of them was quite unconventional. They successfully used a Game Boy Camera as a webcam for FaceTime calls on the iPad Pro. The author connected the Game Boy Camera to an Analogue Pocket console, which, in turn, was connected to the iPad Pro using HDMI adapters.

Although the image quality from the Game Boy Camera was deliberately retro and grainy, the setup worked seamlessly. It was also revealed that certain FaceTime video effects, such as reactions based on hand gestures, were enabled even with the unconventional camera source.

In the end, these experiments showcased the versatility and possibilities enabled by the iPadOS 17 and now we can finally make videocalls with the Game Boy Camera, the future is now!

Do you want to read the full story? Click here to go to Viticci’s site!

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