The Scarlet & Violet—Obsidian Flames expansion has reintroduced type-shifted Pokémon into the Pokémon TCG for the first time since Delta Species Pokémon first ran amok in the EX Delta Species expansion.

This time around, type-shifted Pokémon are shining bright as Tera Pokémon ex…but with a key difference from their Delta Species counterparts. In the case of Tera Pokémon ex, attacks are fueled by Energy matching their traditional type, rather than the type they’ve shifted into.

At the forefront of these type-shifted Pokémon is none other than the Darkness-type Charizard ex, a powerful card with an aesthetic that is reminiscent of the classic Charizard Star from the Dragon Frontiers expansion but boasting a special type of firepower that’s all its own. Let’s learn more about the strength of Charizard ex and how to start your infernal reign.

You can find Pokémon Co.’s list of tips and tricks for card battles here.

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