I don’t need to tell you that Japan always gets the best gaming merch. While some items make their way to the rest of the world, most stay in Japan and make us jealous on a daily basis. Today happens to be one of those days, as new goodies tied to the Kingdom Hearts, Street Fighter and Resident Evil franchises have been revealed for Japan.

First up is a series of Kingdom Hearts bags, cases and wallets. These are coming through a collaboration with Jacquard fabric, and they’re due out Jan. 13th, 2024. The complete lineup is as follows:

  • Shoulder bag – ¥14,300 yen (~$97)
  • Backpack – ¥19,800 yen (~$134)
  • Key case – ¥6,600 yen (~$45)
  • Long wallet – ¥13,200 yen (~$90)
  • Tote bag – ¥15,400 yen (~$104)
  • Waist bag – ¥13,200 yen (~$90)

Next are two Street Fighter figurines from Bandai’s Tamashii Nations line. Ryu and Chun-Li designs have been revealed, and they’ll be priced at $60 a piece. This duo is set to release in Japan sometime in February 2024, and each comes with three interchangeable face plates, several wrist part replacements, a Hadouken effect part for Ryu and a Hyakuretsukyaku (Lightning Kick) effect part for Chun-Li, and a background sheet specific to each character.


Last but not least is a Resident Evil-branded sauna set. The set includes the Umbrella logo on it and is priced at $45. The set launches Oct. 12th, 2023 and includes a sauna hat, towel and tote bag.

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