As you may know, Dead by Daylight has recently received a major bit of content, and it’s a collab many people never saw coming. While Dead by Daylight has worked with countless slasher properties, this time the game has introduced the world of the sci-fi horror great, Alien.

While a Xenomorph from the Alien franchise no doubt has incredibly killing power, it’s abilities and personality are quite different from everything else we’ve seen in Dead by Daylight. In an interview with, Behaviour Interactive game designer Janick Neveu opened up about the unique challenge of bringing the Alien license into their asymmetric experience.

“So originally, when we started developing the idea around the tail attack, we also had in mind what this creature is. And usually in DBD, we deal with kind of a normal Killer, a guy with a chainsaw or a hatchet. We have a bit of a ghostly effect here and there, but most of our Killers are ‘real’ Killers. And this thing is an actual killing machine, and we couldn’t make it feel good for the player to have a lot of restriction as playing as the Killer. We wanted to make the player powerful and be that killing machine that they know and see in the movies. So right at the beginning, we saw that we can make that work, but on the balance of things, we need to give a counter to the Survivor.

Past Killers also helped us in fleshing out the idea of how this item (Remote Flame Turrets) will affect the Killer. DBD is not about killing the Killer on the Survivor side, it’s being feared and getting away, and that’s always been the goal. So, we paid a lot of attention to make the threat an annoyance and not something that feels threatening to the Killer.”

[Janick Neveu, Game Designer]

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