Otomate Party 2023 details multiple Switch titles

Info on new and upcoming titles alike

10 September 2023
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Idea Factory‘s Otomate brand has held another Otomate Party presentation, and another slew of Switch games was showcased. You can get the complete breakdown on all of the Switch-related games below.

Matsurika no Kei -kEi- Tenmei Iniden (Switch)

  • Release Date: 2024
  • Genre: Otome romance visual novel
  • Keywords: Chinese-style high fantasy x glittering romance; created by Ryou Hasumoot, scenario by Ririka Yoshimura, direcetd by Fumiyoshi Tatematsu, opening, and opening, ending, and background music by Gesshoku Kaigi
  • Tagline: “This is an ancient melody without a reciter.”
  • Cast: Nobuhiko Okamoto, Seiichiro Yamashita, Shun Horie, Shinnosuke Tachibana, Wataru Hatano, and more
  • Outline: A new title from the staff behind the Jakou no Lyla and Cupid Parasite series. A magnificent and mystical story set in fictional land. Put your life on the line to connect your bloodline. Enchanting and profound—go beyond the kiss.

Misutonia no Kibou: The Lost Delight (Switch)

  • Release Date: 2024
  • Genre: Otome romance visual novel
  • Keywords: Created by Karin Suzushiro, directed by Mao Seki
  • Tagline: “I will stand down to no one. This is my personal revenge tragedy.”
  • Cast: Atsushi Tamaru, Yuuichirou Umehara, Shuuichirou Umeda, Ryouta Suzuki, Jun Fukuyama, Yuusuke Shirai, and more.
  • Outline: A fairy tale of love, obsession, and emotion woven together by descendants of fairies.

Trouble Magia: Wakeari Shoujo wa Mirai o Kachitoru Tame ni Ikoku no Mahou Gakkou e Ryougaku Shimasu (Switch)

  • Genre: Magic academy visual novel full of trouble
  • Keywords: Created by Suzunosuke, scenario by Akira Natsuno, and directed by Akira Ouse
  • Tagline: “Girl meets boy in this adolescent tale of magic. Your year to seize the future is about to begin!”
  • Outline: In search of clues to break the curse that causes her to abruptly transform into an animal, the protagonist decides to study abroad at the Reveal Academy of Magic. Will they be able to break the curse while dealing with all sorts of trouble?

Moeyo! Otome Doushi: Kayuu Koigo (Switch)

  • Genre: Otome romance visual novel
  • Keywords: Produced by Tsunekiyo Fujisawa, directed by Chouko Tsuyuri, created by Ayu Nekoi, and scenario by Maro Sasaki
  • Outline: A young lady monk apprentice who lives in Kayuu, a country known for its martial arts, somehow ends up protecting the country!? What is her fate and the future of the country…?

Mix Dunk: King of Basketball (Switch)

  • Genre: Otome romance visual novel
  • Keywords: Kawasaki Brave Thunders, AKB48
  • Outline: A new project in collaboration between B.LEAGUE’s professional basketball club Kawasaki Brave Thunders, the idol group AKB48, and the otome game brand Otomate. A dark fantasy game about overcoming grief as you wander into the “Land of Oz.”


  • Genre: A journey story headed for the end
  • Keywords: Creation and character design by Tayu Kazari, scenario by 七霧花男
  • Tagline: “Whatever pain awaits, I won’t regret this choice.”
  • Outline: A collaboration between Kogado Studio and Otomate.


  • My9Swallows TOPSTARS LEAGUE will launch for Switch in 2024 in Japan.

DIG-ROCK: Documentary of Youthful Sounds (Switch)

DIG-ROCK: Documentary of Youthful Sounds, from the ALTERGEAR rband, will launch for Switch in 2024 in Japan.

Hakuoki 15 Shuunen Kinen: Usuzakuraki Ouka Shouden

  • Genre: Promotion
  • Keywords: Produced by Tsunekiyo Fujisawa
  • Tagline: “Many years have passed since then, and the aspirations that have been woven are now taking form…”
  • Outline: A year-long promotion to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Hakuoki series this year. The trailer introduces teh game’s in the series released thus far. Please look forward to more information.

Hakuouki Yuugiroku: Taishi-tachi no Daienkai for Nintendo Switch (Switch)

  • Genre: A mini-game collection in which you can interact and play with the Shinsengumi members
  • Cast: Shinichiro Miki, Showtaro Morikubo, Kosuke Toriumi, Hiroyuki Yoshino, Kouji Yusa, Kenjiro Tsuda, Tomohiro Tsuboi, Nobuo Tobita, Suzuki Takayuki, Mamoru Miyano, Yuki Kaji, Daisuke Ono, and more

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