One of the more magical elements of the upcoming Wizard with a Gun is the ability to craft Spells (ammo) and Powders (modifiers) to create sensational offensive and utility abilities that can be combined in surprising ways.

You won’t get far without leveling up your arsenal and enchanting your gear, so your Gunmancer will need to embrace experimentation if they hope to survive.

Load up different guns to dual-cast your concoctions or pack multiple chambers of the same gun to create emergent gameplay moments in solo or cooperative play.

Today’s new Gunmancer’s Diary demonstrates how a few of these combinations might work - from cooling enemies off and shattering them with Freeze Pops, to dousing them with your squirtgun and then frying them with electricity using the Shocker Soaker - so be sure to take notes and refine your own recipes.

Wizard With A Gun is coming to Switch, but no specific release date has been given. We’ll bring you that information when it becomes available.

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