Seven years…it’s been seven long years since No Man’s Sky originally launched. There were years of hypes before the game released, then an incredible backlash once players got to go hands-on with the title. Then, in the following years, developer Hello Games worked tirelessly to turn the game around and deliver on what they originally promised, and then go far beyond as well.

While No Man’s Sky has been around for seven years, Switch owners have only had the pleasure of enjoying the title since 2022. Still, Switch owners were more than happy to dive in and check out what the so-called impossible port had to offer. Today, it seems that people are indeed flocking to the title across all platforms, and in notable numbers.

While we don’t have an exact number to share, Hello Games’ Sean Murray took to X to reveal that No Man’s Sky is currently having its “biggest months in the last few years.” We’re not quite sure what factors have led to the boom in purchases and players, but it seems people out there are really liking what they’re seeing. You can join those space explorers today by snagging No Man’s Sky on the Switch eShop for $60.

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