Fortnite has already seen one collaboration with the mega-popular manga/anime My Hero Academia, and now the two brands are teaming up once again for even more super-sized fun.

Shoto Todoroki, Eijiro Kirishima and Mina Ashido from My Hero Academia make their heroic debut in the Fornite Item Shop today, September 12, 2023. This content is arriving alongside Fortnite’s v26.10 update, which is live right now.

Freeze Out Your Foes: Todoroki’s Ice Wall item allows players to gain power to summon glacial shields on a whim! The Ice Wall has a massive pool of Health to protect players and their party from harm and won’t melt until it’s been completely destroyed. The Ice Wall boasts enormous defense capabilities and is useful when attacking too. It will be available until the end of the Season and can be found from the ground, regular and Rare Chests, or All Might Supply Drops.

One For All, Once Again: Deku’s Smash has returned! This powerful ability can be used to one-shot foes. To get ahold of Deku’s Smash, players will need to crack open an All Might Supply Drop! Deku’s Smash will be available until v26.20.

A Hero’s Journey: Complete Deku’s My Hero Academia Quests and Todoroki’s My Hero Academia Quests for XP. Completing six My Hero Academia Quests to instantly level up!

To see the full patch notes for today’s v26.10 update, you can check out the official Fortnite blog.

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