Nintendo has announced a new Nintendo Direct presentation set to air live on Sept. 14th, 2023 at 7AM PST. It will be roughly 40 minutes in length, focusing on Nintendo Switch games launching this winter.


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9d ago

Sweet! It'll be nice to know what our holiday looks like in addition to Super Mario Bros. Wonder. I'll bet they don't talk about the Switch successor, even though pretty much everybody is ready for them to.


9d ago

Def no hardware talk, but we will get details on the final wave of MK dlc, plus most definitely some additions to NSO (both tiers). Credible rumors point to something related to a few other franchises or remasters from older platforms that I won’t spoil here, but I’m pumped. I thinks it’s about time to get an official first look at Prime 4, maybe just a tease and a 2024 splash screen. Godspeed, RMC. Thank you for your NintendoDirect service

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9d ago

at this point MP4 will be a switch 2 release.. i think its just too late for it for the switch, unless they surprise drop a release tomorrow


9d ago

And Sony joined the party with a State of Play just hours later. The console wars never ended muhaha!

But seriously, this can be a big day and it's all just before TGS (which I will even attend).
That Nintendo are supporting the Switch so far in with so many new games hints at the Switch2 must be fully BC to me.

Anyway! F-Zero could be anything from FZ99 to an upgraded F-Zero GX port or even something brand new. Perhaps the F-Zero GX-99 hybrid for the NSO will be a thing.
It's Nintendo after all xD (CALLING IT!)
Will be nice to see more form Peach's game and Mario RPG remake but the news is always best. Actually, the "big surprise" at the end is always best but I wonder if that might have been ruined with the F-Zero rumour already.
We'll see soon enough.

As for PS! More PSVR2 is just great and perhaps a release date for Stellar Blade?

All this can be an E3 for me! But Ill keep my expectations in some sort of order.

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9d ago


The successor seems out of the question for this Direct. That would be a dedicated one. Would be a blast if they showed it off today and had it playable at TGS and all, but that would be even to off for Nintendo.

But since I am still not sold entirely on Mario Wonder (looks great, but not a launch day title) I also would like to see what else they have for us "this winter".


8d ago

Ugh, feels like the last direct was just yesterday.
None of the games they've announced are released yet (not even the Pikmin 1 +2 physical bundle), so what exactly are they going to show us? New trailers for all those unreleased games? Gimme a break.