The Isle Tide Hotel is a live-action, interactive mystery movie about an absent father who must rescue his teenage daughter from an eclectic cult before their final night at the Isle Tide Hotel. Think a British Twin Peaks with a Wes Anderson aesthetic! Or, if that doesn’t convince you, how about a grittier Knives Out? There’s so much to explore and discover about The Isle Tide Hotel that one playthrough won’t get close to telling the whole story.

Why is your daughter estranged in the first place? Will you join the cult to save her? How will you interact with the bizarre people you meet? Each playthrough of The Isle Tide Hotel’s branching narrative will be completely different, with seven main endings in your mission to rescue the daughter you’ve never met. Just remember… don’t break the Etiquettes.

Created by brother-sister director-producer combo Harry and Grace Chadwick of Interflix Media, the themes of The Isle Tide Hotel draw on the transformational journey of parenthood and the unique paths that can be taken when dealing with family dynamics.


  • A live-action game that responds to your choices.
  • 7 main endings available with 14 different outcomes.
  • Side quests with dedicated endings.
  • Real-time personality and cult association tracker.
  • In-game chapter skip menu - but you have to earn it first.
  • A unique cult with its own rich history and rules.
  • Paths blocked behind information.
  • Cryptic notes to hidden endings.
  • Hidden lore and ‘Easter eggs’ to discover.
  • Sprawling dialogue options that make you see the same character in a different light.
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