APICO will be getting a “What Lies Beeneath” update sometime down the road. While it’ll likely be a number of months until we get this content on Switch, today brings us another video showing what the update has to offer, along with the following notes:

New areas: Dive deep down to the bottom of the ocean and discover a new bee-ome with new areas to explore that include deep-sea flora and fauna, a coral reef system, and more!

New Bees: Discover, collect, build homes and breed new species of bees found only at the furthest depths of the ocean, and collect their resources for craftables and quests.

New Quests: Harness the help of your newfound bee friends to restore the damaged coral reef system and clean up underwater pollution to help the bee-cosystem and its inhabitants thrive.

New Fishing Mechanic: Skipper’s dad, Captain, arrives at the archipelago to teach you the ins and outs of a new mechanic — fishing!

And More: New quality-of-life improvements, including inventory trash can, backpack slot, quick store to nearby chests, quick gathering from hives, new a11y options and more!

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