Super Animal Royale’s Season 9 limited-time event will include a collaboration with a well-known IP, and full details are set to be revealed next week. For now, you can check out a teaser trailer for Season 9 above.

Prepare for an adrenaline-packed battle as Super Animal Royale Season 9 debuts on September 26th. Super Animal Royale, which hit 10 million players in June of this year, will present a bevy of new content in the new season. Expect to see 12 new Super Animal breeds, a new Party Animal Pass, and much more.

Super Animal Royale is a top-down multiplayer survival shooter for up to 64 endearingly deadly creatures. Engineered to charm and trained to kill, Super Animals are cute enough to make you go “Aww” and deadly enough to make you go “Ahhhh!” Select your favorite from a menu of foxes, pandas, kitty cats, and other bloodthirsty beasts, and parachute into the ruins of an ill-fated safari park to fight off a lethal barrage of bullets, explosives, and silly dancing.


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