If you’ve never watched the epic, once-a-year Minecraft livestream before, then you are in for a treat. Not only do Mojang spend an hour talking about Minecraft (their favorite topic), but they dive into news from Minecraft and Minecraft: Legends; share snippets of what you can expect in the future, and reveal the winner of the hotly anticipated mob vote!

That’s right, the mob vote is making a triumphant return this year, with three new mobs for you, the wonderful community, to choose between!

When you cast your vote for a new mob, you help Mojang decide what they’ll spend time developing. Then the mob gets added into the game as part of the next major update! Last year’s winner was the sniffer: an ancient mob that was once extinct. Now it has been sniff-sniffing around our Overworlds since the summer, digging up ancient seeds, and looking adorable.

Voting will be open for longer this year, and you will have just over 48 hours prior to Minecraft Live to cast your vote! Voting opens at 1pm EDT on Friday, October 13, and closes at 1:15pm EDT on Sunday, October 15. What does that mean in your time zone? Find out what time the mob vote starts for you, and what time the mob vote ends for you (because too much math makes my head hurt).

Like last year, you’ll be able to cast your vote within Minecraft! Join the live event server on Minecraft: Bedrock Edition to submit your vote, meet the Tinies, play mini-games, and even indulge in some mob parkour. You can also vote on Minecraft.net, or via the Minecraft Launcher. The special event server will also remain open for 24 hours after the end of Minecraft Live, which means you’ll have an extra day to finish that scavenger hunt!

Which mobs can you vote for? That’s a secret – for now. You’ll have to wait until the beginning of October for that special news! Or maybe Mojang will be sneaky, and scatter some clues in each of their articles? I guess you’ll have to read them all and find out!

Watch Minecraft Live on our YouTube channel or on Minecraft.net on October 15! The show starts at 1pm EDT.

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