Following the recent Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct, Nintendo has been sharing tidbits about the game here and there. Over in Japan, Nintendo has been putting together articles that offer up a recap of known info alongside fresh details, and one such article has popped up today.

While the article isn’t teeming with big news, it does have a handful of fun details scattered throughout. You can check out a round-up of that information below, but don’t forget to check out the article itself for more screens and art.

  • you don’t have to play the whole game with the same character as you can swap between levels
  • the devs have given playable characters and enemies a wide rage of facial expressions
  • these facial expressions will change depending on the situation you/they are in

New enemies you’ll encounter include:

  • Skedaddler: they love to steal items
  • Bulrush: they charge at the players in a straight line
  • Angry (official English name TBC!): they swallow everything with their large, gaping mouth
  • Hoppycat: they imitate you, the player, and jump when you jump
  • Oshidashi (official English name TBC!): they use brute force to push players away
  • Condarts: they launch themselves at the ground at full speed

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