Time once again to share details for another company’s TGS 2023 plans. This time around, we’ve got the scoop on what City Connection is lining up for the big show. You can see City Connection’s complete schedule of events below.

This year will mark our sixth participation in TGS! Our booth got a power-up and this year again, you will be able to play four upcoming titles. And we will participate alongside Happymeal and the Indie area, which means that combining all the booths together, not less than seven titles will be playable this year. Visit them all to gather the stamps you need for the Stamp rally, but also to enjoy the upcoming events.

■ Lineup

  • 30 Days Another (PC)
  • Assault Suit Leynos 2 Saturn Tribute (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC)
  • FZ: Formation Z (PS5, Xbox Series, PC)
  • OMEGA 6: The Video Game (Switch)
  • WiZmans World Re:Try (TBA)
  • Unannounced Title #1 – To be announced on September 21 at 10:00 JST
  • Unannounced Title #2 – To be announced on September 15 at 20:00 JST

■ Schedule

(All times are Japan Standard Time.)

September 23

13:00 – OMEGA 6: The Video Game Talk Session with the Developers – Come and talk with OMEGA 6: The Video Game‘s developers, a 16-bit retro-futuristic-adventure game coming out soon. Featuring Takaya Imamura (OMEGA 6: The Video Game story and art), Shinobu Amayake (OMEGA 6: The Video Game sound), Nobuhiro Yoshikawa (City Connection CEO), Junji Seki (Happymeal CEO), and host Tetsu Shinuki.

15:00 – “Gamers Fes in Happinet Game Fes” Tokyo Game Show 2023 Stage and Live Broadcast (YouTube, Niconico) – In spring 2022, the legendary game festival Shooters Fes made a lot of shooting games globally known. This year, Gamers Fes’ members will join us! And we at City Connection will display some of our titles during the festival on Happinet booth’s special stage and give more information about City Connection and Happinet’s titles. Featuring Ikedaminorock (Game Center Mikado), WASi303 (City Connection manager and composer), Buddy Matsumoto (City Connection composer), and Chantake (City Connection planner).

16:00 – Upcoming Title: Talk Session With the Developers – Come and talk with the developers of an upcoming title. Featuring Nobuhiro Yoshikawa (City Connection CEO), Kei Atanabe (City Connection director), a secret guest, and host Tetsu Shinuki.

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