Teocida + Estigma double down on Switch today

Two games, one release

14 September 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Qubyte Interactive has announced that Teocida + Estigma will be making its way to Switch today. Teocida+Estigma presents two completely bizarre 2D puzzle games, each with unique characteristics.

Teocida is a psychological horror platform puzzle game with dark and psychedelic visuals. After their doctrine falls into oblivion, an infamous clairvoyant embarks on a journey to find suitable successors who can keep their philosophy alive.

Classic and straightforward gameplay with simple and intuitive controls, uncomplicated mechanics, and progressively challenging puzzles. Explore the enigmatic corridors of a distorted microcosm filled with symbolic landscapes of faith and erotic nightmares.

Estigma is a puzzle and action game with a surrealistic horror aesthetic, where anything can kill you! Relive the experience of a simple 80’s arcade action-puzzle featuring a cute mascot traversing a dangerous meat wonderland.

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