A new map has been announced for Among Us. “The Fungle” will be released in October 2023. Check out the teaser trailer above.

Explore The Fungle, a mysterious, mushroom filled island full of new hiding spots, tasks, and secrets to discover. One thing always stays the same though - keep an eye out for the Impostors bent on sabotaging and killing everyone!

Grab your crew and get ready to explore a brand-new map in Among Us, the hit online multiplayer game of teamwork and betrayal. Welcome to the Fungle, a mysterious, mushroom-filled island teeming with hiding spots, tasks and secrets to discover – but beware of the Impostors bent on eliminating everyone! The Fungle map comes to Among Us this October.

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9M ago

I'm pretty excited for the new map. Playing a quick round after work is something of a ritual for me to welcome the end of the work day.